Thursday, October 07, 2004

Just as I am

I filled out the profile for this blogger. It sure is extensive. They ask some pretty stupid random questions. I have to hit save 5 times so that I could get to a half way decent question. My first question was do you think a fork evolved from a spoon, I am philosohical, but I don't go that far into realm. My second question was if a straw can split an apple, how do you think a milk-shake feels. Last time I checked a milk-shake is an inanimate object. If my milk-shake had feelings, I would like to know what it though about sitting in my stomach as the gastric enzymes and acids digested it. It is scary to think that many objects that I thought were inanimate, actually had feelings. Wow if we are going into the blogger's method of madness, how does a dish feel when it is thrown in to the scalding temperatures of a dish washer? How 'bout when it is thrown against the wall in a fit of anger..Hmm so little time, so many stupid questions hehe.